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Christmas tree by bicycle, year 8

This year’s tree, dumped into the box as usual: it’s like a 30 second job to load it.

I don’t post much anymore, OBVIOUSLY, but we continue doing our thing. Another year on and things are not bad, personally speaking: I got promoted to full professor earlier this year, which was cool, and we have seen a lot more of the world than we ever anticipated over the last couple of years. Our kids are older so we’re spending a lot more time on transit, which appeals to them because they can play games on phones when someone else is in charge of getting around. We haven’t purchased a car and it seems increasingly unlikely we ever will again. I have ridden some new bikes recently but so far, the thought of writing reviews sends me into paroxysms of ennui. Perhaps that will change, but if not: try some out, there are many exciting family bikes out in the world these days.

We continue to buy our tree by bicycle. It no longer seems unusual at the lot we frequent. Every year there seem to be more people living in San Francisco, and this year the line to buy our tree was over 50 purchasers deep. The lines to park a car stretched down the block. This kind of thing is why the prospect of buying a car seems increasingly inconceivable.

Time moves on and we’ve had to give up our children’s ambition to buy a “tall” tree, relative to them. Our son has grown taller than his grandparents and it seems likely that he’ll be taller than both his parents by next December. Happy holidays!

Taller every year


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