The last couple of weeks have been bad news for biking and bad news in general.

Bad news for biking was having my daughter’s child seat tip over and nearly slide her off into the street while we were crossing a six lane road over the weekend. That seat (the Co-Rider) has been removed for return to the manufacturer. The bike shop that installed it was skeptical from the beginning that it was stable, and I should have listened. Further updates on this experience when I am calmer about it.

Enjoying the Bobike Junior

She is fine and because I caught her she thought it was funny, but there have been some sleepless nights for me. We took her home on the Bobike Junior, which she loved; she’s too young to be really safe on that seat, but a Bobike Maxi, the seat of choice when we were in Europe, a seat that millions of Dutch children have ridden, many of whom are still alive, should be a good replacement.

That would be, of course, when I stop freaking out about the whole experience, and when the Bay Area is not experiencing severe wind advisories, promising gusts of up to 35mph, not that I have seen any yet. In the meantime we’ve retreated to four wheels for a spell–among other things, we lack a seat for my daughter. We still love biking, but we are less fearless.


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