Our hills are bigger than your hills

I don’t know why I even bothered to write a post about the hills in our neighborhood, which top out at a pathetic 25% grade, when it turns out that someone else had already measured the grades of San Francisco for me. Down at the other end of the city, near a certain electric bike shop, there are hills that laugh at junior-league slopes like Mt. Sutro.

The steepest street in San Francisco? 41% grade. That’s right. We broke the 40% mark. Unless you live here too, your city just got pwned.

Go ahead, tell me a bicycle with electric assist is cheating. I’ll see you at the top of Bradford Street. Or rather, I’ll see you FROM the top of Bradford Street.


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5 responses to “Our hills are bigger than your hills

  1. Ken

    You’ll get no argument from me, electric assist is preserving my worn out knees for old age while allowing my heart to remain heathy through cycling. I smile at the Luddites!

  2. I agree with Ken (above). Electric bikes are not cheating (unless you’re in today’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge, climbing to the top of Flagstaff Mt.) — Electric power, imo, extends the usefullness of the bike as a tool; folks use their bikes more often and seem to enjoy it more. Plus, if you want a workout, just leave the ‘electric assist’ off — No?
    We got too many negative critics these days, with a disparaging remark for everything under the sun. Tsk. Tsk.

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