The EdgeRunner has landed

Here it is.

Here it is.

Last week I heard from Clever Cycles that they had the new Xtracycle EdgeRunner in stock. And they have the pictures to prove it. On the way to work last week, I saw one parked outside a local bike shop. What a good-looking bike! When I test-rode the EdgeRunner at Xtracycle world headquarters, I wasn’t sure when they’d be in stores. They’re here now.

The EdgeRunner is the longtail we would probably buy if we were in the market for a longtail, which we totally are not, even though the Bullitt is in the shop for a while. 



The Xtracycle website offers the specs on the electric version (which I did not ride)—the assist is the latest from eZee and there are photos of the new system and new console. The total weight of the assisted version is, according to the website, an astonishing 65 pounds, which is less than many unassisted cargo bikes weigh.  And it comes with a built-in front headlight! I am seriously in love with Xtracycle for making lights on a cargo bike stock (even though they didn’t include a rear light).

I’m not in the market for another cargo bike, but I’m feeling the urge to take another cargo bike test ride. We’ll ride some hills this time.


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4 responses to “The EdgeRunner has landed

  1. Any plans to take an extended test ride of the edgerunner and do a write-up? I just started researching cargo/family bikes and this model seems to be one of the top picks. I’d love to get your thoughts!

    • I’ve been meaning to take the assisted EdgeRunner at The New Wheel out for a test ride but we haven’t made it over there yet (I’m feeling a little wimpy too). Soonish! I did write about the unassisted EdgeRunner, which I liked quite a bit but only rode in the Oakland flats.

  2. I am so happy I found your site! Just perfect for my research at the moment!

    I commute from Bernal to Clement Street and have been falling into personal ruin from lack of my daily bike commute, ever since our oldest daughter started K a month ago just down the street from you at CACS — I used a WeeHoo to get her to her preschool, but my new commute with her is so long and complicated by after-school that pulling it empty half the time is not really an option. So I’ve been driving and carpool her… and waiting and waiting for New Wheel to get the assisted Edgerunners in…

    We test rode one when they first arrived to the top of Bernal and it was awesome — though I should say it was the first time I’ve been on a longtail of any kind, assisted or not.

    I found you by googling for comparison the elMundo — REALLY interesting comparisons I’ve dug up already. Very helpful.

    Looking forward to digging deeper! A million thanks for the write-ups and thoughtfulness, and I am quite sure I will see you (again no doubt!) in the bike lane!

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