What’s going on?        

This is the hardware that came out of my leg.

This is the hardware that came out of my leg.

It’s been a while. In the last month, we have moved into our condo (which is still missing a kitchen), attended Matt’s father’s and uncle’s memorials, gone through university commencement, taken lots of trips for work, and finished up the kids’ school year. On June 3rd I had my third and final surgery, which removed all of the hardware in my right leg. There was a lot of it. I am lurching around now indoors without crutches, and outdoors with crutches. I could feel the difference in my leg the minute that the nerve block wore off, in a positive way. Although this is good news, I can’t ride a bike, or do anything else that might risk a fall, until the bone heals. Recovering from surgery also involves sleeping a lot. I had forgotten.

Anyway, lots of things fell by the wayside, and the blog was the first to go. Also I haven’t checked email since April or so. If you’ve written I apologize—I’m way better on Twitter.  On the other hand, I can’t go back to work yet, so there’s some time to catch up now. Onward.


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