When car horns make a joyful noise

Spotted in the Financial District: this is probably the Bullitt we should have gotten.

My son was four years old when the San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series. It was nothing that we had expected; at the time, their last World Series win had been in 1954. We like baseball as much as the next red-blooded American, but hadn’t given it a lot of attention except as a reason to take our son to the stadium on summer afternoons.

Everything changed that night in 2010. When the Giants won the Series, the city exploded. In San Francisco, a team of outcasts and misfits winning the World Series felt like more than a sports title. People swarmed out into the streets even up where we live. There were fireworks and car horns blasting all night.

Our son is almost seven now, old enough to watch the 2012 series and understand what was happening. Tearing him away from the games to eat dinner led to tantrums.

Last night as I was putting my daughter to bed, the fireworks and screaming began again. It didn’t wake her. But we knew the Giants had won the World Series again. I’m not usually a fan of car horns, but I didn’t mind them blasting last night. Our son will be a Giants fan forever.

So many ways to use a cargo bike

The Bullitt has been sporting a black balloon all weekend.  It may not come equipped with a celebratory horn, but it’s still fun. Last week I had to drop it off and travel on. So I stuck the Brompton in the box for the transition. Bike on bike: hotness!


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6 responses to “When car horns make a joyful noise

  1. Mama Bicycle

    Congrats, SF Giants! Tokyo Giants is also challenging the championship although I was born to Tigers. Anyway, I think Bullitt is a wonderful cargo bike. I don’t actually know it since I have not yet ridden it although I had ridden an American bike like Harley Davidson. The big bike was easier that I had expected compared to my Honda. (It was 20 years ago.) One question, does your Bullitt has an electrical assisting system? Sorry, I forget it. Thanks. Mama Bicycle

    • It has the BionX assist (PL350). It is awesome. I didn’t know there was a Tokyo Giants team! And they’re also in the championships? What an amazing world.

      • Ah, it is an optional electric bike motor kit , right? I couldn’t find an electrically assisted Bullitt on its official home page. Thank you, I see.
        Tokyo Giants is ready to win the Japanese championship right now!

  2. jamie

    Hi, sorry if this question is overly simple minded: Why is the bullitt pictured above the one you probably should’ve gotten?

    I’ve been devouring your blog, learning about your cargo bike trials. We have a Kona Ute (love it), and are considering getting another cargo bike that can handle a 4 yr old plus modest amount of cargo. Thinking of the bullitt (but price is an issue), yuba mundo (bulk/size issues), and Kona Minute (lower cargo capabilities). Anyhow, thanks!

    • Orange and black are Giants colors, that’s why the Clockwork Orange! Baseball reference only.

      Thanks so much! Have you looked at the Edgerunner? We are going to head to Oakland and test-ride it in a week or so. I’ve heard only raves so far. But with one kid a midtail (Boda Boda, Kinn, MinUte) would be perfect. Of those three the Boda Boda has the most cargo capacity: 2 giant rear bags with the option of the huge frame-mounted front basket as well.

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