A collective noun for bicycles?

A reunion of family bikes in Portland last weekend

A reunion of family bikes in Portland last weekend

I read a note recently from someone who had recently stumbled upon a group of family bikers, which she referred to as a “convergence.” While this suggested the random nature of the experience, it made me realize I don’t know the collective noun for a group of bicycles, or for their riders.

English collective nouns mostly seem to focus on venery (the other venery): a pod of whales, a gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a cete of badgers. But it’s not just animals. Inanimate objects have collective nouns: a bushel of apples, a deck of cards, an embarrassment of riches, a belt of asteroids, a hill of beans. You can find a posse of sheriffs, a slate of candidates, a hastiness of cooks, a troupe of dancers, or a bench of judges. And there is a collective noun for bicycle racers, which is, of course, a peloton.

But roadies aren’t my people. I could never call a group of family bikers a peloton, because that would be ridiculous.

If I got to choose, I would call the kinds of bikes I see most often a reunion of family bikes.

That’s just me, though. Is there an established collective noun for bicycles? If not, what should it be?



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9 responses to “A collective noun for bicycles?

  1. I like posse, but as a verb: “wanna bike posse?”
    (Correct answer: “Yes!”)

  2. Frank

    A like a murmuring.

  3. a wave of family cyclists…

  4. Mark

    Our kids swarm about on bikes, so a “swarm of family cyclists” seems semi-appropriate. But our bakfiets does not swarm, so perhaps our family as a group is more like “a wall of family cyclists”? (that’s what people coming the other way on the bike path probably see us as!)

  5. highwayman

    Well, in Great Britain, if you’re not racing your bike in any athletic way, you might be seen “pootling to the shops on your bike. So in this spirit, we might bless the group of leisurely or commuting riders as a “pootle of bicycles” or a “pootle of riders.”

  6. How about A Cambridge of bi(cycles)? I work in Cambridge and we have thousands and thousands, so it seems appropriate, at least to me.

  7. Quin

    The collective word for cyclists is
    A bottom of cyclists .

    Just follow a group of them and it’s obvious

  8. Lesley Fletcher

    My partner calls them a Hazzard when driving along he’ll say Hazzard Ahead

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