Preschool EdgeRunner

Finally, another bike at preschool.

Finally, another bike at preschool.

This morning I saw the EdgeRunner I’d spotted last week parking next to my mamachari outside preschool as I was leaving. As the dad was unloading the bike and his son, Walking Mom came up the hill. Walking Mom is a friend from preschool who pushes her 3 and 5 year old five miles from home and up preschool hill in a double stroller every morning. Then she goes to work all day, and comes back in the evening to pick the boys up and walk them the five miles home. She is incredible. “We saw you going up the hill!” she yelled to the EdgeRunner dad , “That was AWESOME!”

When I talked to him he was still panting. “Well,” he said, “[gasp] we made it! [pant] I’m [wheeze] getting old.”

I sound exactly like that every morning.

“It’s just a really steep hill,” I said, “even with the assist.”

It's possible to ride up this part of the hill unassisted, but probably not with a four-year-old passenger.

It’s possible to ride up this part of the hill unassisted, but probably not with a four-year-old passenger.

Every morning I feel like that dad. I’m simultaneously grateful and vaguely disbelieving that we made it up preschool hill again, even with the assist, even after almost a year. Looking up the hill I’m never quite sure I’ll make it.

When I look at the assists on our bikes I feel so happy that they’ve made something possible that was previously impossible. Anyone who calls an electric assist cheating can meet me at the top of preschool hill.


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4 responses to “Preschool EdgeRunner

  1. Hi, just to say, leave in Chicoutimi, in Québec (Canada) and i recently buy a E-edgerunner. I can climb a verry steep hill, 18 degre on 300m, with my 5 y/o son on the back without problem. Ok, I have to push a bit and the assistance is at max but i do it very easely. And, oh, is winter here, so i do it at -20C!!! This bike is a beast! I love it!!!

  2. Hi! I just wana say that i recently buy a E-edgerunner for cargo my kid. I leave in Chicoutimi, (Québec, Canada) and when i have to drop my 5 y/o son at the pre-school, i have to climb a 300m, 18 degre hill. And the bike do the job VERY well, even in the cold. Here is winter, and the -20C if our day to day. This bike is a beast, and i love it. And, hey, thanks for your site, it is very help full!

  3. Anne

    whoa, that’s a steep hill! I agree, not cheating.

  4. I’ve ordered an electric edgerunner for my wife, should be here next week!

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